Zahedan, Iran – May 10, 2024, in his Friday sermon today, Sheikh ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol Hamid, the Sunni Muslim spiritual leader of Iran’s Baluchistan province condemned the Israeli atrocities in Gaza, stating that they have become unbearable for the conscious minds and enlightened people of the world. He called upon the international community and Jews around the world to take action against the extremism of Israeli officials.

The Awakened Consciences of the World Cannot Tolerate Israel’s Crimes in Gaza
According to the information provided by the Office of the Friday Prayer Leader in Zahedan, Mawlana Abdol Hamid stated: “In recent days, in Gaza and the occupied lands of Palestine, incidents have occurred that have shaken the world and compelled awakened consciences to react and protest. The atrocities in Gaza are not only intolerable for Muslims but for all people worldwide. Today, a movement known as awakened consciences is emerging globally. Students and young generations in American universities have raised their voices in protest.”
“These protests carry a message for the world, especially for Israel and its supporters,” he added. “Most of Israel’s supporters have indeed backtracked from their positions and have become disgusted and resentful of the extremism of the Israeli government and army. Many Jews, even in Tel Aviv itself, are upset and concerned about Israel’s extremism and are protesting. The United Nations and even Israel’s supporters have warned against Israel’s recent attack on Rafah, but Israel has carried out the attack despite all this opposition.”

Israeli Leaders are afflicted with “Mental Retardation”
The Solution to the Palestinian Problem is Not “War”; it is “Fair Dialogue”

“The Israeli officials think they can solve the issue militarily, which shows the mental retardation of the Israeli leaders and officials,” said the Zahedan Imam. “You have been occupying the Palestinian land and killing and displacing the Palestinian people for more than 70 years, but you have not been able to solve this problem, and now you want to solve it with war! It is clear that your mind is not working and your analysis of the situation and issues is wrong. Unfortunately, some rulers of the world who are afflicted with mental retardation have plunged the world into problems.”
“The only solution to the Palestinian problem and the establishment of security is negotiation and fair dialogue,” he asserted. “The war must stop. The continuation of the war will further isolate and discredit Israel in the world and blacken Israel’s history. A few days ago, a memorial ceremony for the victims of the ‘Holocaust’ was held by Jews; an event in which Hitler committed a historical injustice against the Jews. You who know how heavy the suffering of such events is, why are you committing another Holocaust in Gaza and Palestine yourselves?! You have destroyed the city of Gaza and massacred innocent people, and today Palestinian women and children are crying out, where to go!”
“Humanity is important to us,” he said. “If the people of Gaza were Jews and a Muslim government was inflicting such injustice on them, we might even take a more extreme position. It makes no difference to us whether the oppressor or the oppressed is Muslim or non-Muslim; injustice and the oppressor must be opposed and the oppressed must be supported.”
Mawlana Abdol Hamid emphasized: “It is in the best interests of Israel and all Jews around the world to persuade the extremists to withdraw their forces from the Palestinian territories and resolve the issues through dialogue and negotiation”.

Those Who “Oppress” the People Are at Risk of “Losing Their Faith”
In another part of his Friday sermon in Zahedan, Friday Imam, Mawlana Abdol Hamid emphasized the “observance of the rights of the people” and called it the “second stage of Taqwa” (piety). He said: “Allah Almighty has commanded us to treat all human beings well. Bad behavior is contrary to Islam. If we want to live as Muslims, we must observe both the rights of Allah and the rights of the people.” He said that Islam emphasizes the observance of the rights of the people, from the rights of parents and relatives to the rights of the poor and destitute, travelers, and others.
He also cited addressing the economic problems of the people as an example of “observing the rights of the people,” saying: “The people are very much in trouble. Some cannot afford the cost of hospitalization and cannot discharge their patients from the hospital, and some are even not allowed to take the body of the deceased until they pay the hospital costs, and they cannot afford to pay these costs. The responsibility and duty of the society towards these people is very heavy and they must be helped. The orphan’s property must be paid. The inheritance, which is the right of the heirs, should not be wasted, and the right of each person should be given to them. All of these are the rights of the people, and the rights of the people are very heavy.”
He emphasized: “Let us not oppress anyone. Experience has shown that Allah Almighty punishes the oppressor and takes away his faith. Many who have robbed or taken bribes or oppressed the people, and many of those who have the authority and have the power to make decisions and invalidate people’s documents or extract confessions from people and put them in prison, or those who try to fabricate cases against people in order to seize their property or endanger their lives and put people at risk of severe punishment, or commit wrongful murder, there is a serious risk that these people will leave this world without faith. Narrations and anecdotes indicate that the oppressors have had a very bad end.”

No Judge or Ruler in the World Has “Absolute Authority”
The Friday prayer leader of Zahedan said: “Anyone who has not committed murder and does not deserve to be executed, and is executed, this is considered ‘wrongful murder’.” He added: “It makes no difference whether this wrongful murder is committed by an official or a ruler or the people. The divine text is clear that the killing of any human being is not permissible unless he deserves to be killed.”
He mentioned: “No judge or ruler in the world has absolute authority. The powers of a Muslim judge and ruler are within the framework of the Quran and Sharia. No one has the right to turn right into wrong or wrong into right.”

There Are Those Who Are Working to Addict the Useful People of Society
Continuing his speech, Mawlana Abdol Hamid emphasized the need to avoid the use of alcohol and drugs, saying: “Unfortunately, it is reported that the use of alcohol and drugs has increased in society, while Allah Almighty has explicitly and with very strong words forbidden alcohol. Therefore, alcohol and drugs, which harm the human mind, personality, will, and essence, are definitely forbidden.”
He added: “Addiction has increased in society today. The use of synthetic and traditional drugs for any reason, including recreational purposes, is dangerous and illegal. Sometimes the hands of colonialism and imperialism and the hands of the enemies are at work, wanting to addict the educated, elders, scholars, and useful people of society. It is even reported that in some places drugs are distributed for free.”

“Suspicious Murders” are On the Rise in the City
Officials should “Investigate” Bilal Nasrouee’s murder and “clarify” it

In the closing remarks of his Friday prayer sermon in Zahedan, Friday Imam Mawlana Abdol Hamid referred to the murder of “Bilal Nasrouee,” a young Baloch artist who was killed in Zahedan a few days ago. Expressing his condolences and praying for his forgiveness and elevation, he said: “The martyrdom of a young man named Bilal Nasrouee in the city of Zahedan has caused some concern. My recommendation to the officials is to investigate and clarify this matter.”
He mentioned: “One of the biggest problems in such cases arises when the murderer is not arrested. The greatest grief and sorrow of the heirs of the deceased after losing their loved one is that the murderer is not identified. Therefore, we hope that the murderer of Mr. Bilal Nasrouee, whoever he may be, will be arrested and brought to justice. People should also share any information they have in this regard with the relevant officials.”
Mawlana Abdol Hamid stated: “Unfortunately, suspicious murders are on the rise in the city. It is recommended to all people to oppose these murders and hand over the perpetrators to the judicial authorities for punishment to prevent further such incidents.”


Published on : 11 May, 2024

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