Shaikh Abdol-Hamid in the Friday prayer ceremony of Zahedan:

Sahabah, Acquitted of all Blames

Describing the virtues of the Ahlul-Bayt (Households of the Holy Prophet PBUH) and the Companions of the Prophet, while stating that the Ahlul-Bayt had a close relationship with the companions, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid refuted the accusations of enmity between them.

Addressing thousands of worshippers before the Friday prayers in Zahedan on January 22, 2021, Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol-Hamid rejected the blames of divisions between the Ahlul-Bayt and the Companions. He strictly forbade all Islamic sects not to accuse the Companions of the Holy Prophet PBUH of conflict with each other.

The Friday prayer leader of Sunnis in Zahedan described the warm relationship of the Caliph Umar with the household of the prophet PBUH, believing that they used to respect and use from the consultation of each other, may Allah pleased with them.

“Sayyidah Fatimah has shone among the children of the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him. She was very similar to the Prophet as that when she used to walk, people thought that the Prophet was walking. The Prophet was very kind to Fatimah and Ali and their children”, He said while describing the virtues of Fatimah, may Allah be pleased with her.

The Friday Imam of Zahedan further pointed to the respect and love of the Companions towards the Ahlul-Bayt and said: “The Companions maintained the dignity and respect of the Ahlul-Bayt. On the other hand, the Households of the Prophet loved and respected Caliph Abu Bakr Seddiq and Omar Farooq more than their own children”.

Shaikh Abdol-Hamid continued: “Do not imagine that the Companions and the Ahlul-Bayt were in conflict with each other. There was no dispute between them. As the Ahlul-Bayt supported the Prophet, they also supported the Companions and the Righteous Caliphs and served them”.

Mawlana Abdol-Hamid further defended the position of the Companions and said: “Nonsense words are being heard against the Companies of the Holy Prophet PBUH these days”.

“Regardless of the narrations, was it possible for someone to insult the Holy Prophet’s children instantly after his burial?! Could the Muslims who fought against the infidels in Badr and Ohod and they conquered Rome and Persia and were conquerors not cowards, to tolerate someone to offend the daughter of the Messenger of Allah?! Were these issues tolerable for Sayyidana Ali, the hero and conqueror of Khaibar?!” Mawlana Abdol-Hamid questioned.

“Allah knows that the companions, including Fatimah, Abu Bakr Seddiq, Omar Farooq and Ali Morteza were pure and clear of such accusations”, the outstanding scholar of Sistan-Baluchistan said.

“The enemies make false accusations against such personalities as today many slander the Shiite and Sunni scholars and blame the authorities who are alive, then what do you think about the dead?”, he added more.

Shaikh Abdol-Hamid stated: “Shiites and Sunnis have Islamic ties with each other; don’t pave the way for extremists to penetrate among Muslims to make them busy with interfaith conflicts. In a situation where the enemies have created divisions among Muslims and hit them by religious disputes, such baseless accusations must be ended so that no one’s feelings are hurt”.

Shaikh Abdol-Hamid considered political demands as the right of any nation believing that Shiites and Sunnis can live together peacefully and seek their legal and political rights in the same time.

He emphasized: “Love and respect of the Messenger of Allah, the Companions and the Ahlul-Bayt is a part of the faith of Sunnis; we pray we can live and die with the love of these great personalities. We wish we meet with them on the Day of Judgment”.

The Islamic Ummah is on mercy as long as it respects the companions of the Prophet
The Iranian Sunnis leader continued his speech by mentioning some examples of the struggles and sacrifices of the Holy Prophet’s Companions in defense of Islam and in supporting the Prophet, emphasizing on the necessity of preserving their sanctity and said: “The Companions of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH were the first who plant the trees of Islam next to the Prophet and irrigated them with their blood and sweat”.

“The Prophet loved the Companions very much and advised the Ummah not to insult the Companions, rather they should respect them always”, he added.

Imam of the Grand Makki Mosque of Zahedan stated: “Muslims are on the right path as long as they love the Prophet, the Companions and the Ahlul-Bayt and respect their sanctity. The one who hates the Companions, Ahlul-Bayt and the righteous people, will not achieve goodness”.

Ethnic and religious wars are blind and cursed wars
At the end of his speech, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid condemned ethnic and religious conflicts and said: “Ethnic and religious conflicts and disputes are among the blind conflicts. Such disputes should be stopped”.

“Conflicts in which innocent people are killed in the name of ‘ethnicity’ or ‘religion’ are cursed wars. Allah’s curse is upon such blind conflicts in which no one is found as guilty or innocent.”, he said.


Published on : 24 January, 2021

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