The most influential Iranian Sunni leader has said the root of tensions among Muslim states was the jobbery of the powers in the region.

He called on Muslim countries in the Friday sermon of 27 Sep. 2019 to avoid from tensions and go back on the table of dialogue as the Western and Eastern powers have no sympathy neither with Iran nor Arab states.

Khateeb of Sunnis in Zahedan said in a part of his speech: “Tension among Muslim countries has been growing up. The big powers have been busy to obtain their interests by creating differences among Muslims and intensifying crises in the region. They may blaze fire of a new war in the region.”

“These powers have no sympathy with anyone from Muslims. They are only eager to get their interests and they just misuse opportunities for their interests. The ongoing critical situation in the region has been created by the super powers which want to use it in their favor as much as they can,” he urged.

Shaikh Abdol-Hamid pointed out to the potentials and capitals of Muslim countries and said: “Countries of the region in the Middle East are not poor. The big capitals of Muslims are in this region and Persian Gulf. The so called super powers want to loot these capitals and wealth and make Muslims busy in domestic conflicts.”

“Muslim leaders should find solutions for their problems and think of Muslims and Islam’s interests. These powers are not your friends and well-wishers. The US has not come to defend Muslims’ interests and bring reconciliation in the region,” he addresses Muslim rulers.

He further said: “Muslims should not use harsh and repellent language against each other. They should not attack on each other’s interests. Instead of assaulting on each other, they should sit with each other and resolve their problems. Problems of Yemen should be resolved by negotiation with constituting comprehensive government. War is not solution.”

President of Darululoom Zahedan emphasized: “All Muslim countries should be foresighted and think of Islam and Muslim nations. The leaders should not think with “sectarian prospect”; all countries should not be sectarian ethnically and religiously.”

He called the US sanctions against the central bank of Iran “oppressively” and said: “If somebody has any word, instead of imposing sanctions, he should say his words without damaging interests of a nation.”

The reason behind Zahedan-Tehran train’s derailment should be investigated
In a part of his speech, Mawlana Abdol-Hamid alluded to the derailment of Zahedan-Tehran train and expressed his condolences with the victims of the incident and their families.

He asked the concerned officials to investigate the exact reason of the derailment accurately and prevent from likewise incidents.

He concluded his points in this part of his speech by criticizing propaganda campaigners who work hard to defame Sunni Ulama in social media.

He said: “Those who try to defame Ulama are from the party of Satan. They are deprived even from the smell of Iman and honesty. Be careful and do not believe in their propaganda.”

Jihad against the self is the biggest Jihad
In the first part of his sermon, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid called on the worshipers to fight against their egos and selves.

He said: “Jihad with the inciting self is the biggest Jihad. It is very important to fight against the self that incites towards evil. It is a continuous struggle until the last breath; we all should struggle to overcome the inciting self.”

“The prophet Mohammad PBUH says that the [real] Mujahid is the one who fights with his self on the path of obeying Allah. This great Hadith suggests that whoever resists the inner self and Satan is a ‘Mujahid’. The term Mujahid includes both the freedom fighters against the aggressive elements and the fighters with the self and Satan. In fact, both of them fight with their ego and inciting self,” he pointed.

Khateeb of Sunnis went on to say more, “When a person makes Jihad against his/her inner self, s/he must be away of the wrong acts and sins, in the result. Real Muslims should fight with the self that incites them to bribery, usury, corruption, ogling, backbiting, telling lies, neglecting prayers and the rest of the anti-Shari’ah acts. Some scholars compared the inner self to an infant kid that has been habitual to sucking his mother; it is very hard to stop such infants but ‘possible’! The human inner self is habitual with misdeeds; stopping this self is not impossible, it just needs bearing some difficulties.”

He pointed out to the Jihad against inner self saying the spiritual life of a Muslim depends on this resistance; without fighting with the inner self no one can reach to Allah. Thus the Almighty says those who struggle on Our path, We guide them to the ways lead to Allah the Sublime. A sinful heart cannot place the love of Allah. If we want to reach to Allah, we must get rid of the self’s subornation and accursed Satan.

At the end of his speech, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid urged on the audience to take care of the young and save them from thug people.

He said: “It is worthy to provide children whatever they need in school and encourage them to get education, even if you have no choice but to borrow money for their educational expenses.”


Published on : 29 September, 2019

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