The most outstanding Iranian Sunni leader strongly denounced Chinese government over torturing and crimes against Chinese Muslim minority and asked Iran and other Muslim states to decry this crime unanimously.

The official website of Shaikh Abdol-Hamid reported his Friday speech of July 12, 2019 where he termed Chinese government’s acts against the Muslim minority a “frightful crime” and said: “The government of China commits very savage cruelties and frightful crimes against Muslims in Xinjiang where mainly Muslims live.”

“Apart from oppression and tortures against Muslims like forbidding them from offering prayers and observing fast, according to news reports they separate Muslim children from their families and hold them in internment camps in order to change their faith and religion,” he added more.

Khateeb of Sunnis in Zahedan underlined: “It seems the Chinese statesmen and officials, despite developments in industry and economy, are highly backward morally, culturally and humanly.”


‘Middle Ages tortures’

“Chinese officials think they are still in the Middle Ages and people cannot get informed about their crimes against Muslims. It is a shame for the Chinese leaders and statesmen as they deny religious freedom human rights of a nation due to their narrow-mindness and barbarism. It takes place in a world which proclaims of civilization and progress; dictatorship and tyranny have been a big defect and abominable,” President of Darululoom Zahedan said.

He further said: “The countries which violate human rights suffer from barbarity. Those who respect human rights know that no one should be under pressure due to differences in faith, religion, culture and political views.”

The most influential Iranian Sunni leader criticized Muslim countries and said: “While 22 big countries of the world issue statement and decry China over violation of human rights, silence of Muslim countries is a very bad and deplorable issue.”

“I’d like to ask respectable president and the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran from this podium to denounce China over oppression and racial segregation of Chinese Muslims. They should demand from China to put an end to oppression and torture of Muslims in that country,” he said clearly.

Khateeb of Sunnis went on to say more: “China has economic interests in many Muslim countries, including Iran; as if they create obstacles on the way of these interests, Chinese will endure a big economic damage. It’s a question why China ignores its interests in the Muslim countries and oppresses Chinese Muslims?”

He concluded his points by saying: “The Persian Gulf states and Pakistan, Afghanistan and the rest of Muslim states should stand against Chinese aggression and crimes and decry it unanimously.”


Published on : 14 July, 2019

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