Shaikh Ab. Hamid among Sunni students of universities:

Deadlock, end of sectarian views

Shaikh-ul-Islam Maulana Abdol-Hamid warned about the ethnic and sectarian partial views in the annual meeting of Sunni students with their intellectuals and Ulama.

He said on Thursday 7th March, 2019: “Sectarian views are against national views with dangerous results. Human rights have been mentioned and preferred to divine rights and even Tawheed in the Qur’an.”

“Some human rights organizations blame our country for violation of such rights, while our country is an Islamic country and we should teach human rights organizations by our acts and deeds how to respect human rights.”

President of Darululoom Zahedan said: “We should consider the interests of all human beings. Views should be national and humane. Especially in employments and distributing of jobs and posts, take care of masses and the whole nation. I prefer an expert honest non-Muslim to a Muslim director with less competence and honesty.”

He also urged on freedom of speech and said: “Freedom is one of the basic rights and needs of mankind. People should enjoy freedom of speech and thought. Followers of all religions should be free in their worships. Freedom is a guarantee for peace in society.”

“We do not believe in violence, but we keep demanding our due rights. No one should try to make us silent. If you beat us and throw us in jails, still we will continue demanding our due rights peacefully. Iran belongs to all Iranians; no one is more Iranian than us,” Shaikh Abdol-Hamid underlined.


Published on : 11 March, 2019

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