Khateeb of Sunnis shed light on the awkwardness of some sins and called on imitating the footprints of prophets to have a safe life.

He began his speech of 1st March, 2019 by the noble verse of the Qur’an: “یَا أَیُّهَا الَّذِینَ آمَنُوا لَا یَسْخَرْ قَومٌ مِّن قَوْمٍ عَسَى أَن یَکُونُوا خَیْرًا مِّنْهُمْ وَلَا نِسَاء مِّن نِّسَاء عَسَى أَن یَکُنَّ خَیْرًا مِّنْهُنَّ وَلَا تَلْمِزُوا أَنفُسَکُمْ وَلَا تَنَابَزُوا بِالْأَلْقَابِ بِئْسَ الاِسْمُ الْفُسُوقُ بَعْدَ الْإِیمَانِ وَمَن لَّمْ یَتُبْ فَأُوْلَئِکَ هُمُ الظَّالِمُونَ; Believers, let not a group (of men) scoff at another group, it may well be that the latter (at whom they scoff) are better than they; nor let a group of women scoff at another group, it may well be that the latter are better than they. And do not taunt one another, nor revile one another by nicknames. It is an evil thing to gain notoriety for ungodliness after belief. Those who do not repent are indeed the wrong-doers.”

Shaikh Abdol-Hamid said: “Our prophet PBUH was like a kind father for his Ummah. He used to teach the companions even the correct ways of eating, drinking and healthcare. His kindness to the nation of Muslims was more than parent to their children. All prophets taught their nations the way of clean and safe life by their acts and words. As well as, the Noble Qur’an guides us how to live without damaging others.”

“It was habitual before Islam to deride others because of their gender, race, tribe or financial situation; but Islam forbade them and admonished people that deriding leads to enmity. The standard of priority is only piety not gender, race, color and etc. even do not tease anyone by the name of joking,” he added more.

President of Darululoom Zahedan warned the audience about bad fruits of other sins such as “pessimism”, “backbiting” and “blaming on others”.

“Backbiting is the sign of arrogance that the person considers himself superior to others,” he further said.

He said at the end of his speech: “The prophet Mohammad PBUH made the society of his time “clean” and “civilized” by divine inspiration (wahy). He urged on everyone to respect others and never tease anyone. He said that make your hearts free of enmity and hate.”


Published on : 5 March, 2019

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