The most influential Iranian Sunni scholar termed recently-imposed US economic sanctions on Iran “unjust and unacceptable” and asked Iranian officials to find efficient solutions for these crises.

The official website of Shaikh Abdol-Hamid reported his speech of Nov. 9, 2018 and said: “In the last week the US imposed new petroleum and non-petroleum sanctions on Iran. We think the sanctions are unjust and we refuse them. Any country or nation should not be pressurized by sanctions.”
“The US wants to bring changes in Iran by sanctions. In fact change is the due right of the nation. This is the nation that can demand change; if it wants any change, it should be accomplished,” he underlined.

President of Darululoom Zahedan made it clear: “Our rulers and authorities are recommended to meditate on the issue of sanctions. Some of them have said that they would abrogate the sanctions. As a citizen, I think there should be some changes according to the wish of the Iranian nation. We have nothing to do with the US, but the nation wants some changes inside the country. People should be satisfied; I can ensure you that the majority of the Iranian nation wants changes.”

“Strategies of polices which have been continued for 40 years should be changed; they cannot be responsive more. By bringing changes the pleasure of God and the nation can be achieved. We hope the officials will take viewpoints of all elites of different classes in this regard,” he added more.

Friday Imam of Sunnis alluded to the martyrdom of Mawlana Samiul Haq and said: “Mawlana Samiul Haq was one of the great scholars of Pakistan who was stabbed to death brutally last Friday. It made us very sorrowful. Also Mawlana Mohammad Hassan Barfi of Khorasan passed away who was a pious and sincere scholar. May Allah have mercy on them.”


Published on : 13 November, 2018

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