The eminent Sunni Islamic scholar once again decried the recent decision of the US president against Jerusalem. He called on Muslim masses and states to defend this holy city, terming it their “indisputable right”.

The official website of Shaikh Abdol-Hamid began his Friday speech of Dec. 15, 2017 by pointing out to the critical situation of the Muslim world and said: “We live in a time when the Muslim nation suffers from various kinds of outward and inward calamities and difficulties. Famine, plenty of earthquakes, shortage of rains and economic crises are the other problems of Muslims”.

“However the biggest crisis of the Muslim world is the difference and scuffles of Muslims with each other in many Islamic countries,” he added more.

Khateeb of Sunnis in Zahedan alluded to the issue of Jerusalem and said: “Recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by the US has been added to the list of world crises. This issue is the biggest threat and a difficult test among the emerged problems and crises.”

“Jerusalem had been under the control of Muslims for centuries and they ruled on it. But Palestine has been occupied by Israel for decades; it is a regime which does not believe in dialogue and justice. Some powerful states also support Israel illogically and veto any kind of resolution against Israel,” Shaikh Abdol-Hamid further said.

He clearly said: “However we oppose terrorism and extremism and condemn them, but it is unacceptable that everywhere the powers wish condemn Muslims by the labels of “terrorism” and “extremism”. So it is the logic and legal right of Muslims to stand for freeing Jerusalem and defend the first Qibla of Muslims.”

“Jerusalem is the right of all Muslims with different tendencies and thoughts; it was the first Qibla of Muslims and the worship place of all of them which should be defended. Muslim masses and states should stand with full power and force the US to step back from its recent decision,” Mawlana Abdol-Hamid underlined.

He added more: “The US statesmen do not allow anyone to interfere in their country’s issues, but they occupy Muslim states and now they object the sanctity of Muslims and their first Qibla; it is a big effrontery.”

“The US should be controlled to not destroy the region and Middle East more. The US has no place in Muslim countries and it should leave these countries,” Shaikh-ul-Islam further said.

Chairman of the Islamic Fiqh Academy of Iran said: “However the act of the US president is condemned and it is a sinister step, but it awakens Muslims. All of them with different tendencies should be united. Their differences and inter conflicts made the enemies brave to attack Quds.”

“Muslims should end their differences and be a united nation. Their respect and power depend on unity and solidarity,” he clarified.

The social and religious leader of the Sunni community concluded this part of his speech by saying: “I clearly warn the US government that if you do not stop your aggression and effrontery, you will see the reaction of Muslims which would be a lesson for your upcoming generations.”

Pakistani Ulama work hard more to end extremism and differences
Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol-Hamid alluded to the presence of a delegation from Ulama, officials and social activists of Balochistan, Pakistan in the gathering for the Friday prayers and welcomed them warmly.

He said: “Ulama of Pakistan are foresighted men and they always work hard for unity. We request the present delegation to convey our message to Pakistani Ulama and ask them to work hard more for eliminating disputes and extremism by dialogue and negotiation.”

“Ulama should convince extremists by advice and referring to the Qur’an and Sunnah that going to extremism harms the Islamic society. Muslims should make the prophet PBUH their ideal and example in life. It is not the time of inter conflicts among Muslims,” president of Darululoom Zahedan further said.

Shaikh Abdol-Hamid concluded his points by saying: “According to Islam Muslims should live peacefully and cooperate with the countries which do not object Islamic sanctities and they do not intend to attack Muslim countries. We are ordered to stand against those who violate people’s rights and attack Muslim countries with the intention of eliminating Islam. Jihad is against unjust and illogic people.”


Published on : 17 December, 2017

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