The president of Darululoom Zahedan talked to the participants of Mawlana Husseinpour’s funeral ceremony on Wednesday 11th Oct. 2017 and said: “Today our province and country is mournful. His passing made everyone sad; not only Sunni people, but Shias are also sorrowful.”
“Mawlana Husseinpour was an expert researcher. During 60 years, he trained many good scholars and served the society. He was a far-sighted scholar working hard to unite the Muslim nation,” he added more.

Chairman of the Coordination Council of Sunni Seminaries in Sistan-Baluchistan said: “The smell of sincerity, purity and piety of Mawlana Abdol-Wahed Goshti and Mawlana Mohammad Yousuf Husseinpour permeated through Gosht city. When we enter Ain-ul-Uloom seminary of Gosht, we feel calmness.”

“Mawlana Husseinpour was sensitive about acting on the Qur’an and Sunnah. He never remained silent when he saw something against Shari’ah. A part of his life was spent in resolving disputes of people and tribes,” he added more.

Shaikh Abdol-Hamid underlined: “Mawlana Mohammad Yousuf made the duty of other Ulama heavier by his passing. His seminary will keep progressing and teachers and students of Ain-ul-Uloom should not feel they are alone. All Ulama, officials and people will support them.”

He also thanked the audience for their warm presence, especially Ulama of different provinces and people who took part in the funeral ceremony.


Published on : 18 October, 2017

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