Shaikh Abdol-Hamid urged on the unity of Muslims in the ongoing circumstances in the closing session of the 29th international unity conference held in Tehran, calling on the unity of states that is the first step towards the unity of nations.

The outstanding Iranian Sunni leader said, “We take part in this conference while the Muslim world is suffering from serious challenges and crises. The plots of the arrogant powers and occupying Zionist regime have been executing against Muslims.”

“Regretfully, Muslims have been busy with disputes and domestic clashes. The ruthless enemies of Muslims have been successful to divide them into different groups and sects just to ensure their interests,” he added more.

Shaikh Isma’eelzahi pointed out, “The history is a witness that nations who were united, they could be successful gaining big achievements. Civilized and sagacious nations have unity. Disputes in any time were against the interests of Muslims as due to differences in the first ages of Islam, Muslims were divided into sects.”

Alluding to the responsibilities of Ulama and Muslim states over unity, he said, “Ulama and Muslim states have huge responsibilities in these critical situations. Holding such conferences is a good job, but we think Muslim rulers must open the door of dialogue and unity.”

“Dialogue and opening the door of negotiation is very necessary in the ongoing conditions. Differences and disputes of governments naturally affect the nations. Unless Muslim rulers do not unite, the unity of nations is very difficult. Thus, we believe dialogue, formation of national and comprehensive governments is the best solutions to the current crises of the Muslim world.”

Explaining the stances of the Sunni community in Iran, the prominent Sunni leader said, “I’d like to announce to the guests of this conference as well as the [Iranian] authorities that the Sunni community of Iran hates and decries all kinds of extremism and Takfeer.”

“The Iranian Sunnis, despite their all problems, always supported the unity and national security of their country. As we gave sacrifices in the past to protect our country, afterwards we would do so. We don’t allow anyone to occupy even a small part of Iran,” he underlined.

The rector of Darululoom Zahedan further said, “Unity is a vital need of us. We would like to ask our Shia brothers to not consider us their rivals, rather we are their comrades. We are not opposite of each other, but friends who live peacefully together.”

“I’d like to thank the Iranian officials for their attention to the Sunni community of Iran. In the same time, I call on the officials to take care of their Sunni brothers more. They were along with you in defense of the country bearing difficulties. All states and regimes should pay attention to the demands of their religious and ethnic minorities. They should get their due rights,” he added more

The member of the Supreme Council of the MWL called on the rulers of the Central Asia and other countries, saying, “I advise the officials of the Central Asian countries and others to avoid suppressing Islamists because suppression of Islamists by the tyrant states is one of the reasons behind boosting extremism in the world. Some of these Islamists may not endure suppression and cruelty, as they move toward extremism. So, Islamists in the Central Asia must enjoy freedom in their countries.”

Shaikh Abdol-Hamid said more, “I also ask the Iranian state to advise the states who suppress and put pressers on Islamists as the state supports the Palestinian Muslims. There must be fraternity between Shia and Sunni Muslims. They should open the doors of their houses for each other.”

It is noteworthy Shaikh Abdol-Hamid was the only Iranian speakers of the closing ceremony of the 29th international unity conference whose speech was warmly welcomed by the audience as they stood and clapped for him.


Published on : 25 July, 2017

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