The outstanding Iranian Sunni leader denounced strongly the demolition of the central prayer-room of Sunnis in Tehran. He was talking to tens of thousands worshippers in Zahedan, Iran on Friday, July 31, 2015.

According to reporters of SunniOnline, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid asked the Iranian authorities to ‘rebuke the offenders and whoever was involved’ in the case of destruction of the prayer-room. He also demanded ‘permission for re-establishment’ of the prayer-room.

The central prayer-room of Sunnis in Tehran was demolished by the security and municipality forces on Wednesday, July 29, 2015.

Alluding to the importance of worship places for the followers of different religions, the Friday imam of Sunnis said, “Worshiping is one of the important needs of religious people as they connect with Allah in this way. Apart from Muslims, followers of the other religions such as Jews, Christians and Hindus also have their own worship places wherever they live.”

Holding Masjid, the indispensable need of Sunnis in Tehran
The chairman of the Fiqh Academy of Sunnis in Iran further said, “Islam has urged a lot on building Masjids. The Last Messenger advised the companions to establish Masjids in different towns for five-time prayers. The Noble Qur’an also enjoins Muslims to build Masjids.”

He said, “Muslims, regardless of their sects, need to have their own Masjids and worship places. Some people leave some towns and cities when they shift for any business or work, just due to absence of own worship places.”

Urging on the need of Tehran’s Sunnis for Masjid, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid said, “The Sunni citizens of Tehran must have own separate Masjids. Before the revolution there was not an appropriate atmosphere for religious activities and needs of people, after the revolution of 1979, we became optimistic.”

“As I informed you before, first of all late Mawlana Abdol-Aziz, the founder of Darululoom Zahedan and the leader of Sunnis after the revolution, asked the founder of the revolution to permit Sunnis in Tehran for building a Masjid. He agreed and then ordered the officials of that time; the entire story was published by the national newspapers of that era”, he added more.

The rector of Darululoom Zahedan made it clear, “We have been pursuing the case for several years. Even some officials told us to stop public demands for Masjid in Tehran to get it silently. We did so, but with no result. Those high profile authorities could not fulfil their promises.”

“As there is no any Masjid for Sunnis in Tehran, they have to offer prayers in prayer-rooms which are in fact houses. The number of worshipers does not exceed 100 in the prayer-rooms of Tehran.”

The prominent Islamic scholar added more, “Once I visited a country where I met a great scientific personality. He asked me why Sunnis had no Masjid in Tehran. I replied ‘although we have no Masjid in Tehran, but there are some prayer-rooms where Sunni citizens offer prayers in congregation.’ But I had no clear and convincing answer to his question that why Sunnis were not allowed to build their own Masjids.”

Sunnis’ worship does not harm anyone
The member of the supreme council of the MWL underlined, “Nowadays people and regimes do not show much sensitivity about Muslims’ worships and Masjids. Even communist regimes that were not ready to tolerate the Noble Qur’an and Muslims’ prayers in the past, now do not have any problem with Muslims’ worships and Masjids. There are dozens of Masjids in Moscow and Muslims offer Eid and Friday prayers effulgently”.

“As far as my information is concerned, there is no any capital city in the world without any Masjid for Muslims. Our Masjid in Tehran does not harm anyone; neither Shias nor the ruling regime. Rather, it is an opportunity for the officials and Iran if they respect the rights and religious freedom of their Sunnis countrymen”, he added more.

Shaikh Abdol-Hamid alluded to the case of Pounak prayer-room in Tehran and said, “The municipality of Tehran argued that the prayer-room was a house in fact; while all prayer-rooms are houses and there is no any prayer-room without cultural and worshipping activities.”

“The municipality could choose another way instead of demolition as they fine others. Some people have permission to build one floor building, but they built ten floor building. They were just penalized without demolition. But for Sunnis they had no any other choice but demolition.”

Pay attention to our demands, reply the letters
Mawlana asked the supreme leader and the Iranian president to reply his letters about Sunnis’ issues. He said, “The demolition of this prayer-room was unexpected for the Iranian Sunni community. We were expecting the high profile officials would use their power and stop this demolition. We have the right to complain from the president and other officials and ministries who did nothing for us in this regard.”

He said, “We are sure the prayer-room of Pounak has been destroyed by the orders of fanatic and extremist elements. The responsible officials should rebuke those who are involved in the demolition. We should be allowed to rebuild the prayer-room. Shia Ulama also should clarify their stance and stop fanatic elements. The government must expend and give sacrifices in order to make minorities happy and satisfied.”

The rector of Darululoom Zahedan and Imam of the Grand Makki Masjid concluded his points by saying, “We have refused strongly many proposals from big powers to destabilize peace of our country; they wanted to misuse our domestic problems but we denied. We believe in peaceful channels and dialogue not violence. Thus be patient and do not give the enemies chance to destabilize the peace of the country.”


Published on : 24 July, 2017

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