Urging on the importance of modesty and Islamic morals, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid warned Sunni worshipers in Zahedan on Friday, 5 Dec. 2014 over the plots of the anti-Islam elements in Muslim societies.


Khateeb of Sunnis, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid Isma’eelzahi, expressed his views on the topic of ‘modesty and Islamic morals’ in the Friday gathering of Sunnis in Zahedan city and said, “We are going throughout very difficult situations as all hidden and obvious enemies and Satans have been targeting one of the biggest parts of Islam; modesty is one of the biggest and most important parts of Islam. Modesty (Haya) is vital for men and women; a faith without modesty cannot be a complete faith.”

“Modesty is the highest and most beautiful moral for any woman. Women have nothing if they are free of modesty. Without modesty men and women lose their all beauties and blessings. As the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, urged on us, we should protect, nourish and boost modesty. Muslims must boost their faiths and good morals uprooting immoralities and bad ethics.”

The rector of Darululoom Zahedan pointed out to the plans and plots of the anti-Islam elements in Muslim societies and said, “Nowadays the enemies of Islam has turned their weapons towards modesty; they have come to know that by spreading immodesty they can obtain their goals. The enemies of Islam whose women and men have been free of decency want to replace Islamic morals and civilization with the culture of immodesty and indecencies. They just want to make Muslims busy with their egos and illicit delights.”

He further said, “Although the modern tools and sources of communications are good blessings, but they can be misused for spreading vice too. The enemies of Islam aim to get Islamic dressing, hijab and modesty from Muslims by these things targeting the honor and respect of the society. They strive to get daughters of Muslims out of their homes and sabotage their respect and honor. In the Islamic culture and traditions, suitors propose and women give hands to their husbands respectfully leaving houses of their fathers. But the Western culture encourages Muslim women to find any suitor and husband by themselves by making relations with strange men. No doubt, in this way the society would be free of respect. Many girls have run away from home creating problems for their parents.”

“We used to hear in past that the flood of indecency surges in the West, but now this indecency has entered each home in our society by satellite TV channels. It is very perilous; all should be alert and vigilant. The enemies misuse the words ‘freedom’ and ‘women’s rights’ to get women towards immodesty and indecencies. While women can get their social and personal rights in the frame of Islamic and human rights with respect and hijab. They can freely serve their societies and get education with modesty and hijab,” Shaikh-ul-Islam added more.

Alluding to wrong usage of cell phone by unmarried women, he said, “It happens that you provide unmarried girls cell phone; non-Mahram and strange unknown men contact with them for cheating and deception. Innocent and modest girls noose to their pitfalls and respond them. Such criminal men deceive women by false claims and promises.”

Friday Imam of Sunnis in Zahedan reminded the audience at the end of this part of sermon, saying, “Many satellite TV channels and media sources have been working on a goal; they want to eliminate Muslim societies by spreading and propagating immodesty. They want to implement their sinister and amiss cultures among Muslims. We should resist and protect our values.”

Zionist regime; the biggest reason behind spread of terrorism in the world
In another part of his speech before tens of thousands Sunni citizens in Zahedan, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid termed Israel the ‘biggest reason behind spread of terrorism in the world’ calling on war on the reason of terrorism.

The outstanding Iranian Sunni leader said, “The entire world has been suffering from the phenomenon of terrorism. The leaders of the world have been chanting slogan of so called ‘war on terror’ for years. But I think for elimination of terrorism, the main reason of that phenomenon should be uprooted as I’ve been saying. The Zionist regime of Israel is the biggest reason behind spread of terrorism in the world. Israel must pull out of Muslim states.”

Expressing his happiness on the reorganization of the independence of Palestine by some more European parliaments, Shaikh stated, “It is good that people have realized war on terror without war on its basic reasons and motivations is meaningless. Discrimination, injustice, violating others’ rights, occupation, massacring people ruthlessly and demolishing houses of Palestinian before the eyes of all are the main reasons and motives of terrorism internationally.”

He concluded his points, “The world should fight against cruelty, discrimination, occupation, poverty and corruption. If there is any dispute in any country, rulers must listen to their opponents and resolve their disagreements by dialogue. These states must not depend on occupying powers who assault on Muslim states for their own interests. Giving place to imperialist powers in Muslim states is a blunder.”

At the end of his speech, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid condemned assassination of a tribal elder near the Grand Makki Masjid of Sunnis in Zahedan calling it the result of the assassinators’ ignorance, atrocity and inhumanity.
He said, “People who have killed Haji Khoda-Nazar Brahui [a tribal elder in Zahedan, Iran] did not realize the respect of the Masjid; they opened fire on a man who offered prayers and was going to his home after Fajr prayers. Targeting people in residential areas is a much bigger crime and we condemn it.”


Published on : 1 December, 2014

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