Alluding to some predictions of the prophet, peace be upon him, about outbreak of some tribulations in future, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid urged on holding fast the Qur’an and Sunnah for salvation.


Khateeb and Friday Imam of Sunnis in Zahedan said in his sermon of Nov. 28, 2014 that the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, was commissioned as a prophet for all people of the world till the Day of Judgment. His prophethood is for all, too. As he had some miracles and Allah Almighty informed him about some future events, the Last Messenger of Allah informed his followers and the rest of people to be vigilant over some incidents and events which would take after him. Undoubtedly his all predictions are true as some of them had taken place.

Mawlana Abdol-Hamid added more, “The Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, has informed us about the era of advancement, religious and moral development as well as the time of Muslims’ decline and downfall. He warned us of the era when vice and misdeeds break out, anarchy and bloodshed spread everywhere. The Messenger of Allah has called on us to hold fast the Noble Qur’an and Sunnah in such circumstances and carry out good deeds striving to reform ourselves and the society, too.”

Pointing out to a narration from the beloved prophet, peace be upon him, Khateeb of Sunnis said, “The Last Messenger of Allah has mentioned the era of following other nations as the time of backward and decadence. When Muslims look at others like Jews and Christians how they dress and appear without proper cloths in public, in fact they live in their dark era. Following them in their bad deeds is the sign of decadence.”

“It happens now while others must follow the Muslim nation and Islamic Shari’ah, because Islam is the last and chosen religion of Allah and Muslims are the heirs of Islam. You Muslims own a peerless book that gives people humanity. So the rest of nations must imitate you; unlikely now Muslims follow other worthless and atheist nations leaving their own teachings behind. It is the era of downfall.”

At the end of this part of his speech, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid reminded some predictions of the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and said, “The Owner of the Revelation has told us that there would be a time when all values would be over; bravery, generosity, honesty, loyalty and manhood would go away. Big liars would fabricate Hadith on the name of the prophet. In such conditions all should be vigilant and boost their faith to get rid of the plots and traps of the enemies and tribulations.”

Ulama should clarify ‘Takfir’ rules objectively
In a part of his speech, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid said, “In the last week, a conference was held in Qom city to discuss on radical and Takfiri movements. I also took part in the conference where many Shia and Sunni scholars gathered to find solutions for the crises of the Muslim world.”

“Regretfully the Muslim nation is suffering from internal bloody clashes. Fanaticism, disputes and excommunication have been spread in the world. Some groups declare their brothers-in-faith ‘non-Muslims’. Many of Muslims go to extremes.”

Khateeb of Sunnis expressed his views on the importance of organizing the recent conference to discuss on extremism and said, “It was a good point in the conference that all participants had concerns on the Muslim world and they think of Muslims and their future. The current critical situation of the Muslim world has forced some Ulama to be alert; they used to be busy only with their researches and teaching careers. Examination of the society’s circumstances is one of the most important responsibilities of Ulama. Ulama must clarify everything about extremism objectively.”

Sunnis don’t have Masjid in Tehran yet
In another part of his speech, Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol-Hamid rebuffed rumors that ‘a Masjid of Sunnis has been inaugurated’ in Tehran.
He said, “A rumor has been spread widely that I had inaugurated a grand Masjid of Sunnis in the capital Tehran. I visited only a prayer room where I offered prayers and delivered a sermon for some Sunni citizens. So it is false news. But we hope the wish of people would meet the fact and this rumor becomes a true event. “

At the end of his speech, the rector of Darululoom Zahedan condemned killing of three policemen in Zahak city of Sistan region, near the borders of Afghanistan by unknown gunmen. He also thanked the negotiating team particularly Dr. Zarif, the foreign minister of Iran, over successful talks with the 5+1 group. He said putting an end to more sanctions, suspension of some goods from the list of sanctions cannot be termed anything but victory.


Published on : 1 December, 2014

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