The high-ranking Iranian Sunni leader, Shaikh-ul-Islam Abdol-Hameed Isma’eelzahi, underlined Iranian Sunnis cast their vote in favour of the ‘Islamic Republic’ 34 years ago and the leaders of the regime must delineate a clear perspective for this important part of the Iranian nation.

Talking to tens of thousands Sunni worshippers in Zahedan, he considered “Islamic Republic Day” (1st April) a historic day for Iran. He stated referendum for the Islamic republic system in Iran was a new experience in the modern world; the entire nation including Shias, Sunnis, and different cults and sects took part in the referendum having share in their country’s fate.

‘34 years have been passed; now the ruling class of the regime must scrutinize what is the percentage of ‘Islamic Republic of Iran’s partisans? Have people achieved their legal subjects of action? What is the stance of the Shia community and what Sunnis think of their demands? As far as Sunnis is concerned, they have been present in all fields to save the sovereignty of their motherland. But unfortunately they have many serious problems; the authorities should find out the root of those problems’, the member of the IUMS added more.

Khateeb of Ahl-us-Sunnah asked the statesmen of Iran to have a look into various state-run departments, armed services, governor houses, embassies and ministries where only a few number of Sunni citizens have been engaged and in some places a single Sunni citizens is not appointed. As Sunnis of Iran are the inseparable part of the nation, they must not see a dark future for their offspring in the country. They have been seeking fraternity and unity of the nation; thus the regime must draw a bright perspective for them. It encourages oppressed Sunnis to be diligent members of an optimistic nation.

People of the province suffer from economic crises
In another part of his speech to people of Zahedan, Iran, Shaikh Abdol-Hameed highlighted the matter of unemployment in ‘Sistan-Baluchistan’ and said most of people in our province suffer from difficult situation of the economy more than other parts of the country. Sistan-Baluchistan is a famine-hit region, absence of industrial centers and factories as well as international sanctions added fuel to the fire.

He further said, “Keeping in mind the above-mentioned problems the newly-appointed governor must fulfill his promises; he had promised to make solidarity and cooperation by balancing the power, and activate the frontier markets of the province. He meant to create equality in employment between Shia and Sunni citizens. But regretfully we have seen recently the authorities closed all frontier markets of our famine-hit region. On the other side, the governor dismissed and appointed many officials without any ‘balance’ and ‘cooperation’.”

It is one of the duties of the governments to provide people jobs and employ them. The authorities must think for poor residents of the province. People have been awaiting fulfillment of the governor’s promises, Shaikh underlined.



Published on : 2 April, 2013

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