Addressing hundreds of Sunni students, the leading Sunni scholar, Shaikh Abdol-Hameed Isma’eelzahi, urged Muslims have experienced a history with ups-and-downs; now they have been sure that there is no any option but to return to the Islamic civilization and principles.

He was talking to the attendees of the national annual convention of Sunni students –male and female– of universities in the Grand Makki Masjid of Zahedan, southeast Iran, on Thursday evening, March 7, 2013.

Shaikh Abdol-Hameed added more, “Muslims have learnt absurd promises and claims of the West and East blocs can not make them prosperous; rather they have been creating lots of calamities for Muslim Ummah. Muslims are in the process of leaving a tough past unto a new era; thus they seem to be adrift.”

The powers who claim to be pioneers of democracy and human rights witness carelessly the genocide of tens of thousands Muslims in different countries. They are not truthful supporters of human rights and democracy; they have kept silent over some horrible crimes which have been taking place in some regions. They allow some rulers to target by missiles and heavy bombs the people who want only Islam, freedom and human dignity. Why those people should be killed? Such divine moves to human respects, values and freedom can not be stopped. People’s rise in the Middle East was for justice and liberty. Successful and fortunate rulers respect civil rights of people; all citizens are equal in their terms, the Sunni leader underlined.

Addressing students of universities, Mawlana Abdol-Hameed pointed that Sunni students should not be disappointed over some behaviors and unpleasant experiences; they must continue their studies with full zeal.

Shaikh-ul-Islam emphasized ‘obeying law’ is our way and we believe in dialogue. We are against violence and killing people. We have taken strong stances about extremists. We welcome those who are ready to discuss matters and believe that dialogue is the best choice.

The outstanding Sunni scholar stated, “We do not demand any nonsense thing; we never asked for any thing illegally for our people. We just want the due respect and freedom of Sunni Muslims in Iran. Since the initial days of the Revolution the regime had many opportunities to ensure justice and honor for Sunnis; yet some officials say they need more time even after wasting 34 years! How much time they need? Is a quarter of a century not enough for responding to demands of any community? We are not greedy for any official post and power; we only want our due rights and share when you distribute jobs and employ people. We do not want our people to feel strange in our country.”

Khateeb of Ahl-us-Sunnah added more we are not planning to topple the regime. We do not support anyone who works hard to destabilize the country. We think ‘Islamic Republic’ is an opportunity if different ethnic groups and sects get their due rights under its rule. Both Islam as well as our national constitution urge on freedom of speech, political liberties and social rights. Currently we do not want any thing more than what the constitution affirms.

Sunni Muslims of Iran want full implementation of the constitution. We are not refugees and settlers; Sunnis are the owners and heritors of this country. When there was not any of ‘Reza Shah’ and his son –the last king of Iran– our forefathers used to protect country’s borders. We lived in this land before all kings and regimes of Iran; this country belongs to us, so we should have authority to take part in the fate of our motherland, the member of the IUMS underlined.

Shaikh-ul-Islam pointed if any regime runs the country partially ignoring other citizens, it will not see the face of success. A Muslim ruler is surrogate of divine sovereignty; as Allah Almighty ensures needs of all mankind managing their issues, a ruler must carry out his duties impartially. A ruler must take care of every citizen and ensure the rights of all. Any particular group can not administrate the country alone. All wings and parties should run their country with open minds and hearts together. As we are in minority, we understand well what others bear. Thus I suggested rulers and influential men of other states in my abroad trips to take care of all people.

The chairman of the Coordination Council of the Sunni Seminaries in Sistan-Baluchistan alluded to attempts of some fanatic elements in rumor mongering who have been striving to force Sunni citizens to go to extremes. He said that Sunnis will not leave the sober way. Rights must be given; they can not be hidden by commotion of some abnormal websites. We want to serve our country; discrimination is not the due response for our specialized and educated people.    

Shaikh Abdol-Hameed expressed his deep sorrow over obstacles on the way of some students toward Zahedan to meet their intellectuals. He said doors of universities are not open for us, otherwise we would not ask students to gather in Zahedan’s Darululoom. We just encourage students here to get education and become good Muslims. Unfortunately, many students were stopped to reach Zahedan.


Published on : 10 March, 2013

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