The outstanding Sunni scholar, Shaikh Abdol-Hameed Ismaeelzahi, made it clear in a mass gathering of Sunni worshippers in Zahedan that nations can get progress and efflorescence only through unity, urging solidarity can not be obtained by slogans and mere wishes.

Talking to tens of thousands in Zahedan’s Sunni Friday gathering on Jan. 25, 2013, he mentioned the birth anniversary of Holy Prophet, peace & blessings be upon him, and the Unity Week in Iran. Shaikh underlined unity among Muslims is a necessity; if Muslims do not get unification, their enemies will achieve their interests by creating disputes and clashes among Muslims. It is easier for them than military assault.

Khateeb of Ahl-us-Sunnah added more, “It is obvious there are many races, sects and viewpoints among Muslim masses; these are factors which can be misused by shared enemies of Muslims to boost their conspiracies and sinister plans. But vigilant and wise nations do not go ahead as their enemies wish. Only backward people play in the ground for enemies; disparities should not be cause of sectarian conflicts.”

The development and efflorescence of countries depend on unity and solidarity. Even the states which create contentions among other nations urge on unity; they establish unions to get advancement. The European Union and NATO are examples; they founded these unions for their common interests. In the same way, Muslims should be unified for their dignity and elevation, he pointed.

The senior member of the International Union for Muslim Scholars underlined unity can not be achieved by slogans and wishes. Repetition of slogans for unity is useless until there is a down to earth plan behind the slogans. Unification inquires equal shares in all fields and removal of discriminative stands.

He added more, “It is the demand of the Sunni community of Iran from Iranian leaders, officials and Shiite scholars to have an impartial attitude. There must not be fore-judgment and discriminatory toward Sunni citizens; discrimination between Shias and Sunnis in employment must be over.”

The rector of the largest Sunni seminary in Iran further said all of us –with different views– want respect of our country. Stability of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the revolution depends on execution of justice. As our respectable guest Mr. Taskhiri pointed implementation of justice and listening the voice of people strengthen any regime even religious ones, we urge –as Sunni citizens– that we want national solidarity and peace. Stances and policies must be changed in favour of all citizens; our religious freedom should be realized as the constitution affirms.

He concluded his points by saying the Iranian nation can claim that it is a practical example for other Muslim nations when Shia and Sunni communities inside Iran achieve a real unity; this sort of unification can not be obtained but by execution of justice and impartiality.   


Published on : 28 January, 2013

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