Khateeb of Ahl-us-Sunnah in Zahedan, Shaikh Abdol-Hameed Ismaeelzahi, urged on the legal rights of the Iranian Sunni community reminding the authorities to respect Sunnis’ sanctities and religious freedom. He was talking to hundreds of citizens in Khash city of the Baluchistan region in Iran.

Handing over the province to a particular race is a wrong policy
The outstanding Sunni leader stressed on equality in distribution of posts and jobs, saying that Sunnis and Shias must enjoy same and equal rights; there must be equality in employment. It is a blunder to dismiss any Sunni just because of his sect; why Sunnis can not be governors? It is a wrong policy to hand over any province to a particular sect and race neglecting others, it needs reformation. Capable of all sects should be given chance to serve their people. Sunnis are brave; they wish to defend their motherland.

Fraternity and peace of the society are very vital and important; if the peace faces any damages, it would affect the entire nation. Today we see most of the rulers and people talking about fraternity and unity; the point which should be noted is that fraternity can be achieved by deeds and practical steps. Every Sunni wants his due rights. Both Shia and Sunni belong to Iran; neither this country belongs to Shia nor to Sunni community exclusively. Thus, there must not be any difference in their rights, Mawlana Ismaeelzahi added more.

Sunnis’ religious & educational freedom in metropolises; a rational demand

In another part of his important speech, he pointed Sunnis are not in favor of insecurity and suicide attacks. Sunnis want fraternity and peace but they can not neglect their religious freedom as well. We wish our brothers and sisters establish prayers in metropolises like Esfahan and other cities without any hesitation. They should freely educate their children as they wish; this is a rational demand.

It is not avarice for Sunnis if they need a mosque to worship Allah according to their sect in any city. We believe people’s rights should be preserved; no one should be deprived due to his sect and tenets, Shaikh underlined.

Political differences should not be compared with differences of Sahabah
Khateeb of Ahl-us-Sunnah asked the authorities and political sides of Iran to take care of Sunnis’ sanctities, saying, “Recently one of statesmen has simulated political movement of 2009, Green Movement, to differences of the time of Ali bin Abi-Talib; he mentioned the names of Talha and Zubair, may Allah be pleased with all of them. It has made Sunnis anxious; we hope the rulers realize the importance of the issue preserving our sanctities. Sahabah, the Companions of Holy Prophet, are very important for us; we have warned the statesmen many times and once again we warn them to avoid from such comparisons.”

He added more, “We have not seen any one to be simultaneous to Hassan, Hussein and Ali; as no one can be here like Talha and Zubair, may Allah be pleased with them. The household and companions are equal; if a common person insults any of them we can file complaint to rulers, but when rulers themselves involved in such abhorrent things, then what we can do? As Sunnis should take care of Shias’ sanctities, Shias are requested to do so as well.”


Published on : 7 January, 2013

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