Indicating to fall of Iran’s currency in the 5th Oct. 2012’s Friday speech, Shaikh Abdol-Hameed said, “Unprecedented inflation and high prices of essential needs of people anguished masses very badly; the administration should take serious steps to overcome this calamity.”

He added more that the economy of the country has been affected by the recent tragedies; the value of the national currency hit a record low. The Rial has lost more than 75 per cent of its value in the past year. Unfortunately, this problem caused a big disaster for Iran and common masses on the international level. The responsible officials should stop this restive problem.

The prominent Sunni leader further said, “There are two poor countries in our neighboring, Pakistan and Afghanistan, who have a much better condition than us. Their currencies, Afghani and Rupee, have more value comparing with Iranian currency, Rial. Despite enjoying more natural resources, the Iranian people suffer from economic crises in commerce, employment and livelihood.”

He urged saying that most of the people belong to the middle class who can not survive in the current situation. The rate of unemployment in Sistan-Baluchistan is higher than other parts of the country. When employees can not survive, what would be the condition of unemployed people? Closure of factories and developmental projects intensified the situation. Prices go up after per hour! The cash subsidy of the government is like nothing for people. In such circumstances, the Administration should strive day and night to find any objective and instant solution.

Education Department must employ local Sunni teachers, headmasters
In another part of his discourse, Shaikh Abdol-Hameed expressed his deep concerns over bad condition of public schools in villages and outland areas of the province. He stated some teachers and the department of education show carelessness in their duties.

He advised the officials to employ local deserved people for teaching and managing offices. Such teachers would struggle with more sincerity. What is wrong with employment of local Sunni teachers and head masters? The department must review its policies in this regard.

At the end of his sermon, Khateeb of Sunnis alluded to the Police Week in Iran saying that people owe the Police a lot. They work hard to maintain peace and secure people. People must not be afraid of police; they should feel stability and calmness by seeing police. It is a public sector.         


Published on : 6 October, 2012

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