In the second part of his speech, the eminent Islamic scholar indicated towards the Al-Quds Day in Iran, saying that revolutions in the Muslim world have got lesson from the people’s resistance in Palestine for freedom.
He pointed more, ‘No doubt the Palestine Issue is the biggest crisis for Muslim masses; the occupation of Quds and massacring of Palestinians are open dilemmas. Although it was a very panic incident; but if we probe the Iranian nation’s revolt and other anti-despotism movement in the Muslim world, we will observe that all of them got lesson from the public resistance of Palestinian.’
One of the main reasons that people of Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Syria took to streets and threatened dictators is the issue of Palestine and occupation of Bait al-Maqdes. The Palestine issue hurt the honor and feelings of the Muslim Nation; Muslim masses were exhausted from the dependent and despot rulers. While the Western states including the US have been supporting and equipping Israel by all sorts of weapons and materials. Injustice and support of Zionist regime by the west exploded those public revolutions, Shaikh added more.
Khateeb of Ahl-us-Sunnah expressed his views more saying, ‘Muslims have decided firmly to step down opinionated regimes. Despotism must go away and Muslim states should be ruled over by elected parties and selected men by nations. Justice must be implemented in elections. Only independent regimes can rule in the Middle East which should not be puppets of other powers.   


Published on : 18 August, 2012

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