Khateeb of the Grand Makki Masjid of Zahedan pointed out towards the appointment of Mr. Hatam Narui as the governor of Sistan-Baluchistan province and expressed his happiness over it. ‘We take it a good event; he belongs to our neighboring province (Kerman). He is aware of the multi-cultural society of our province where people from various ethnics and sects live side by side,’ he pointed.
The outstanding leader of Sunnis in Iran further said, ‘The biggest problem that has been teasing residents of this province is “discrimination”. We hope the new governor will make a balance in power in the province among the different ethnics. Balance in sharing power has a great impact on the maintain ace of unity; without this balance obtaining unity is a mere dream and mirage. There should not be any discrimination between Shais and Sunnis in posts and higher seats.

Ali; model of piety, act & truth
Indicating towards the martyrdom anniversary of the fourth caliph, Ali bin Abi-Taleb, Shaikh Abdol-Hameed said, ‘Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, has great virtues that none of Muslims can deny them. He was the exemplary of piety, act and truth.’
He added more saying that whenever the virtues and excellencies of Abu-Bakr, Omar and Othman are mentioned, the name of Ali is shining as well. There was not any enmity between Sahabah and Ahl-ul-Bait of Holy Prophet. Sunnis are proud of it. Sunni Muslims love the households of Holy Prophet. Today’s Muslims should be like Sahabah and the households.


Published on : 12 August, 2012

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