In the second part of his sermon, Shaikh Abdol-Hameed pointed out towards the reinstatement order of the Supreme Leader for his representative in Sistan-Baluchistan saying, ‘Both Sunnis and Shias have problems in this province; due some reasons Sunni citizens have more problems and difficulties. Mr. Soleimani, the representative of the Supreme Leader should work hard to resolve their matters as much as he is authorized.’

He emphasized saying that by getting the pleasure of people unity can be strengthened. The Sunni community in Sistan-Baluchistan and other provinces has been facing national and religious problems. Observing the ongoing movements across the Middle East, the authorities must show seriousness to solve the crises and pay more attention to complaints of masses. Many of despots, seeing their imminent fate may regret over blunders they made.
At the end of his speech, Shaikh Ismaeelzahi asked the security forces and Police to be more vigilant while so called ‘clean-up crack downs’ in the city. Many complaints have been received from people that police had behaved them abusively. Displeasure of people has bad affects for all.  



Published on : 24 July, 2012

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