Shaikh-us-Islam Mawlana Abdol-Hameed expressed his concerns over the recently approved Afghan-US strategic pact at the beginning of his Friday discourse in the Grand Makki Masjid of Zahedan, Iran, on May 25, 2012.
He urged saying that accurate stances and policies are the corner stones for prosperity and stability of any regime. If any ruling regime enjoys appropriate policies, it would not be compelled to sign any sort of pact with proclaimed super-powers of the world.
Khateeb of Ahl-us-Sunnah went on to say, ‘All big powers across the globe follow up their own interests; neither the US is friend of Afghanistan nor China and Russia are loyal allies of Iran. Basically every regime should prefer interests of its own people. The secret of success for gaining the pleasure of masses lies in dialogue and reconciliation. None of states can abide by utilizing weapons and force; even if any regime claims to be Islamic, religious or democratic and secular, force can not ensure its existence. As well as, Afghanistan is not an exceptional case; Afghan elders must make serious efforts to obtain people’s gaiety, provide them welfare and security instead of signing such agreements.’
The outstanding Islamic scholar further said that all nations had witnessed the fate of despot regimes in Egypt and Yemen; the situation in Syria and Bahrain is obvious as well. Tyrants are always afraid of their masses, as well as people feel anxiety in such countries. Nations should be free; power-holders should listen to them. Afghanistan can not be stabilized by support of the West or East. This country must pay attention to people and talk with armed sides that stood against occupying forces.
‘Neither Afghanistan belongs to the Western powers, or to Russia and China. People of Afghanistan have a domestic dispute; ruling elements and their opposites should sit together with open hearts to reach to national compromise. Afghan, Pakistani and Iranian nations are enough bold; they do not need any strategic pact if they are united and unanimous. Oppression, execution and torture can not be logic factors to get people’s pleasure; such acts generate hostility and aversion. Last Friday I underlined the same point that Pakistan and others should solve their disputes with people by dialogue and negotiation. Foreign forces have no right to interfere in affairs of Islamic countries,’ Shaikh Ismaeelzahi added more.  


Published on : 26 May, 2012

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