Khateeb of Ahl-us-Sunnah in Zahedan, Shaikh Abdol-Hameed Ismaeelzahi, after recitation of the Holy verse: “لقد من الله تعالى على المؤمنين إذ بعث فيه رسولا من أنفسهم يتلو عليهم آياته ويزكيهم ويعلمهم الكتاب والحكمة وإن كانوا من قبل لفي ضلال مبين” termed the prophetic mission of Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, one of the greatest blessings of Exalted Allah to His servants.


Talking to tens of thousands in the Grand Makki Masjid, he pointed that the community of the Companions was very vigorous, safe, alive and one of the prophetic mission’s fruits.
Shaikh Ismaeelzahi added more saying, ‘Allah Almighty dispatched His best and the supreme prophet towards us and Islam is a sober and upright religion. Allah, the Sublime, described the Muslim Ummah: “وَكَذَلِكَ جَعَلْنَاكُمْ أُمَّةً وَسَطاً”, (Thus, have We made of you an Ummah (community) justly balanced.) As, some ¬¬great sayings of the Holy Prophet suggest that Islam is a moderate religion as well. Islam is so away of both exorbitance and deficiency.’
The prominent Islamic scholar went on to say that the aim of the Almighty from dispatching prophets is to create a model and leading community in human societies. Such shining stars would be examples in the fields of faith, good deeds and morality. They would be far away from lying, pride, dishonesty, hypocrisy and such other bad deeds. It was the community of Sahabah, the Companions of Holy Prophet Muhammad, which was an excellent example to follow. The Companions reached to the peak of excellence and greatness by direct edification of Holy Prophet Muhammad. Thus, their follow able deeds and stances wholeheartedly are accepted by the Muslim Ummah.
Shaikh underlined saying, ‘The trained Companions of Holy Prophet are best examples in every angle of life. The rights of all communities were provided to them in their golden era. Untruth and betrayal were not found in that time. Truth and peace were prevailed in the society. The companions used to live peacefully and with care of each others. In the most difficult times, they preferred others on them selves. In short words, it was an excellent, vigorous and shining community, may Allah be pleased with them.’
Giving some instances of Sahabah’s Excellency, the rector of Darululoom Zahedan stated that Abu-Bakr and Omar, may Allah be pleased with them, did not nominate their sons Abd-ur-Rahman and Abdullah for caliphate and succession, although they were imitating the Qur’an and Sunnah and eligible to hold the post. Rather they allocated a Shura, council, to decide after them in the issue of caliphate and choose one of the members for the ruling.
Shaikh Abdol-Hameed pointed, ‘According to the beliefs of Ahl-us-Sunnah, only prophets are dispatched by Allah. After the prophet, people are free to choose anyone they want as leader and ruler. This viewpoint is nearer to freedom and democracy. The Guided Caliphates respected freedom of speech providing due rights of all in their time. In wars and peace they did not change their principles.’
Addressing compatriots and rulers of Muslim countries, Mawlana Ismaeelzahi urged that the only way to get prosperity of the both worlds is returning to Holy Qur’an and Sunnah. Contrary to what the West propagates, Islam is the religion of nature and logic. If human beings go on the upright path of Islam, they would remain safe and progress in all aspects of life.

Pakistani Balochistan crises would be solved by providing rights of Balochis

Mawlana Abdol-Hameed Ismaeelzahi talked about the issue of Pakistan’s Balochistan in the second part of his latest Friday sermon urging that kidnapping people and throwing their mutilated corpses can not be the solution for the ongoing crises of Balochistan.
Underlining that he did not want to interfere in internal affairs of Pakistan, Shaikh stated, ‘Pakistan is a big Muslim state with different sects and races. Countries like Pakistan –which are multi-cultural and muliti-races– must take care of the due rights of all communities. None of nations, races and schools of thought has preference on the other one; as the Holy Prophet Muhammad and his companions used to do.’
Khateeb of Ahl-us-Sunnah in Zahedan further said, ‘The rulers of Pakistan also should consider due rights of the deprived Baloch ethnic living in Pakistan. Pakistani Balochis live in a strategic and wide region. Though Balochistan is part of Pakistan but it suffers from lots of deprivations in various fields. Balochistan is the most arreared and deprived region of Pakistan despite having best natural resources. The rate of literacy is so low and federal governments pay less attention to the province.’
He further said that voilance has prevailed the province very severely. Lots of people lose their lives and many of them go to remain missing for months and years. Quetta, provincial capital of Balochistan, has become a security zone and residents of the city face problems to live.
Talking to tens of thousands worshipers in the Grand Makki masjid, the largest grand masjid of Sunnis in Iran, the eminent Islamic scholar added more, ‘We believe that the remedy of such unrest issues is not abduction and shooting opponents. Killing by any of sides creates more hostility and hate. We refuse fratricide urging on dialogue. Rights of all, particularly Balochis, must be realized. Their demands should be fulfilled as much as possible. Oppression and massacring can not extinguish this fire. We respect the sovereignty and peace of Pakistan. Insecurity of our neighbors is the reason for our worries.’
He pointed, ‘We advise all rulers across the world including Pakistan’s power-holders to provide every citizen his due right; they should be discreet over minorities. They must not be proud of their power and suppression. The rulers should not destroy their Resurrection, next life, for the worldly life of someone else. Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, announced that Arabs and non-Arabs have no priority on other ones. We hope all nations would enjoy a peaceful life and freedom.’



Published on : 16 May, 2012

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