IRAN, ZAHEDAN- Following severe cyber attacks in recent days on “SunniOnline,” the official website of the Sunni community in Iran, and the official website of Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdul-Hameed,, in a demagogical and hypocritical step an unknown group invented the official website of Shaikh Abdul Hameed.

“SunniOnline” is the most viewed and accredited web portal of Sunni Muslims in Iran; it has been broadcasting their news steadfastly. Thus, anti-truth elements have been targeting it by cyber attacks trying to hack this source of Muslims’ news and views. “SunniOnline” has been put in the filter list in Iran by officials for years.

Lately, “SunniOnline” provided full coverage to an offensive state-held meeting in Khash and its followed reactions. Later on, intensified cyber attacks were carried out and the admin was compelled to suspend the accounts.

The notable point is that, the fanatic and short-sighted elements manipulated the original design of Shaikh Abdul Hameed’s office website. These elements posted some stuffs of Shaikh’s website and some other articles against his views prepared by other miscreants in the region.

The office of Shaikh Abdul Hameed, Khateeb of Ahl-us-Sunnah in Zahedan, has decried the immoral and hypocritical process in a statement. The statement refuted posted materials of the fake website urging that official website of Shaikh Abdul Hameed Ismaeelzahi is Apart of this address, any other web portal carrying title of “Website of the Office of Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdul Hameed” is invalid and bogus.

It is pertinent to mention that in recent years some weblogs and websites have emerged in the cyber world by the name of Ahl-us-Sunnah; but these fake portals propagate anti-Sunni beliefs.


Published on : 18 March, 2012

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