Mawlana Abdol-Hamid at Zahedan Friday Prayer:

Why women are not in their real social status?

In the Friday sermons of today (April 26, 2024), Sheikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol-Hamid, the Sunni Friday Imam of Zahedan, addressed the issue of discrimination against women, stating: “Women feel that they do not have a rightful place. I have been shouting for years that you should recognize women and give them the status they deserve.
He added: “Women’s scores in universities are higher than men’s today, and there are more women in universities than men. Why should women who have shown their competence and ability in scientific fields be pushed back and not given their rightful social status? Why should women not participate in senior and middle management and decision-making centers of the country? Even in the two Quran competitions of Darul Uloom Zahedan, women won the competitions. Some women are more intelligent and hardworking than some men.”
The Sunni Friday Imam of Zahedan said: “It is not Islamic that women and Sunnis cannot be president. These laws are anti-Islamic because they are against justice. Women and Sunnis are Iranians. By what authority and based on which verse of the Quran is this done? Unfortunately, contrary to the existential philosophy of the Islamic Republic, which was supposed to be the executor of justice and the ruler of the religion of Muhammad and the method of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the righteous Caliphs, discrimination was institutionalized in the Constitution from the very beginning.”

Deal with the cause rather than the effect
Sheikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol-Hamid declared the issue of hijab to be a result of protests against national problems, the chaotic economic situation, and discrimination, and said: “These factors have caused women to resort to civil disobedience. Unfortunately, in our country and many other countries, they do not fight the root cause but the effects. In all international laws and rules, the basis is to fight the root cause; for example, the World Health Organization fights the root cause of malaria to eradicate it. If they were to fight malaria fever instead of the malaria mosquito, the disease would become more widespread.”

Shi’a Capable Individuals Also Suffer from Discrimination
Sheikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol-Hamid stated: “If discrimination against women, ethnic groups, religions, and faiths is eliminated and justice is established, many problems will be solved. Unfortunately, discrimination is so widespread that even many capable Shi’as suffer from it.”
He added: “We have said repeatedly that even if capable Shi’as were used in administration, we would not have much complaint and would be patient. If capable and competent men were in charge and running the country properly, women would also be patient. But unfortunately, only a certain group is employed.”

Sheikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol-Hamid, referring to the flexibility of the Holy Prophet, Imam Ali, and other righteous Caliphs, stated: “Flexibility is very important, and until the root cause is addressed instead of the effect, no problem will be solved. Why don’t the officials of our country show flexibility?”
He advised the officials to address discrimination and injustice instead of punishing women for taking off their headscarves.
Mawlana Abdol-Hamid continued: “Some public-spirited people state that, why do you say these things? But if we do not tell the truth and facts, God Almighty will be displeased with us, and we speak the truth and facts out of goodwill.”
The Sunni Friday Imam of Zahedan added: “One of the mothers of martyrs wrote to me in a letter saying that do not say these things because it is useless, but we have a duty to say these things out of goodwill and to reform society as God Almighty has commanded in the Quran.”

There is a Limit to People’s Tolerance
Sheikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol-Hamid addressed the increase in global pressures and sanctions against Iran and said: “The pressure of all sanctions is on the Iranian people, and there is a limit to the people’s tolerance. Manage in a way that prevents these sanctions. Adjust your policies domestically and internationally in a way that no new sanctions are added. These are realities, and we are not insulting anyone. But the country does not have the capacity for more sanctions. It is necessary to prevent crises through sound policies, prudence, and planning in emergency conditions.”

Cease the executions
The Sunni Friday Prayer Leader of Zahedan also called the cessation of executions in the country as the demand of the Iranian nation and stated: “Executions in the country throughout the history of Islam and divine religions have been unprecedented, and the Iranian people demand their cessation. Tumaj Salehi is a poet and artist who should not be labeled a criminal for his words. He has neither been a highway robber nor committed murder deserving of execution. Officials must endure criticism. Do not kill people for their words. Judges and the judicial system must consider the conditions and desires of the people. Around the world, governments pay attention to the demands of their people.”
He added: “You must heed the words of the people who brought the Islamic Republic and you into power. Wisdom dictates that you stand alongside the people and halt all executions. Executions carried out under the pretext of drugs find no place either in the Quran or in the Sunnah. Accusing people of being combatant and executing them is not true except in the case of retribution and where it is explicitly stated.

The primary decision-maker is the Iranian nation
Sheikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol-Hamid stated: “If officials want the country to prosper, they should heed the demands of the Iranian people, respect women, and manage affairs in a way that doesn’t alienate the nation, as many of the people who supported officials are now dissatisfied. The cornerstone of any country and the primary decision-maker is the nation.”

Fair handling of the Zahedan Bloody Friday case is necessary
The Sunni Friday Prayer Leader of Zahedan commented on the Zahedan Bloody Friday case: “A senior judicial official transferred one of the provincial judicial officials during a visit to the province and stated that they will address this issue. What we all want is fair trial, and all those involved in the killing of innocent people in the Zahedan and Khash mosques should be prosecuted. We do not exceed our rights, but those who ordered the killings and the perpetrators must be brought to trial. More than three hundred people were injured and over a hundred killed, with many names going unrecorded. This has been a major tragedy, and it cannot be compensated for with a one billion toman blood money; fair trial and judgment are necessary. It is unjust to try a few and not try the many involved in this incident.”

We defend Iran’s borders and territorial integrity
He continued: “We advocate for justice, but if officials listen to the demands of the Iranian people, we are willing to waive our rights. We suffer seeing retirees protesting for their rights. If you are responsive to the demands of the Iranian people, we are even willing to forgive the spilled blood. Iran is our home, and if necessary, we defend our borders, not allowing any foreigner to invade our land or jeopardize our territorial integrity. We, the Iranian people, are a united nation of all ethnicities and religions.”

Do not alienate the people from the armed forces
Sheikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol-Hamid concluded: “We believe in hijab, but we also believe that our armed forces should not be used to confront women and protests. Our armed forces should protect territorial integrity, security, and national borders, not alienate the people. People should consider the armed forces and the judiciary as their supporters. Protests exist worldwide, and the solution lies in dialogue and attention to the demands of protesters. Nowhere in the world are protesters treated this way.”


Published on : 28 April, 2024

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