Imam and Khateeb of the Grand Makki mosque, the biggest Sunni mosque in Iran, indicated to efforts of some extremist elements to vilify the Grand Makki mosque and said, ‘We have witnessed in recent days that some ultra-bigoted sides call the Grand Makki mosque “Makki afflux” or junta in some journals and websites (pointing out to the largest grand mosque of Sunni Muslims in Iran that has been playing an important role to unify Sunni community of the country). What is the reality and what the Grand Makki wants? I will reply these questions today.’

Addressing tens of thousands in Zahedan, Shaikh Abdol-Hameed went on to say, ‘Everybody should know that sobriety is the way of Grand Makki mosque, imitation of Haq (truth) is its method. Reflection for the interests of Islam, Muslims and the country is the work of this mosque. It is the voice of voiceless people wanting betterment of all. Makki struggles to unify all Muslim sects and bring honor for them. It deliberates to save the country with its four sides and maintain its peace and sovereignty. There is no any suspicious activity against the country and Muslims’ interests. There is no any aficionado of insecurity and demolition in the Grand Makki mosque. Benignity, reformation and well-wishing for the humanity; all of these things are in the Grand Makki mosque.’

He added more saying that the Grand Makki mosque is an Islamic center having a great status in the hearts of all Sunni Muslims, intellectuals, tribal elders and students, as well as Shiite compatriots respect this Islamic center apart of some fanatic elements. But all Shiites know well that this mosque wants goodness of all people; it is not affiliated with any particular wing which follows up special aims.

‘Those who endeavor to create an “afflux” from the Grand Makki must know that they can not eloign people from this great center. Sunni Muslims have a friendly and sincere relation with the Grand Makki; pulling out this religious cordiality from their hearts is impossible,’ the eminent scholar was talking to the audience in the Grand Makki mosque on Friday.

Talking on the topic, Shaikh continued saying, ‘We do not believe in separation between religion and politics, but we believe that our religion is not political rather our politics are religious. Politic is a part of our religion so it is not possible for us to leave politics and political activities. If we comment on some issues and express our views that is only because of our grith and mercy. Our nation also knows this fact well; they have reached to instinct and political awareness to realize that there is no any mutiny and deflection.’

Shaikh Ismaeelzahi underlined that Sunni Muslims want only their due rights not power or more governmental seats. Some ruling elements have been making efforts to marginalize their dissenters; the Grand Makki mosque is not trying to get posts, rather it urges on justice and implementation of the whole constitution. It supports the law and opposes strongly violation of the constitution.

He added more saying, ‘Implementation of justice and equality is not only our demand; it is rather the order of Holy Qur’an. We defend justice as a divine and Qur’anic order. Shiites and Sunnis as well as followers of other religions believe in justice. We force on “equality” plus fraternity because these two points form a complete meaning only together. Have we entered to a new junta and movement by this demand? Never! We just underline on what Holy Qur’an and the national constitution stress. Those who try to defame the Grand Makki mosque, they will face divine punishment of Allah, God willing; because Grand Makki has connection with Makkah al-Mukarramah.’

The outstanding leader of the Sunni community in Iran asked the Iranian rulers to provide Sunnis’ their legal rights in Iran as they have been demanding the rights of Shiite minorities and support them across the world.   

‘We have asked Shiite grand scholars, Maraaje’, of Qom city many times to recommend Iranian rulers to not condone Sunnis’ rights in our meetings as they have influence. We want implementation of balance in the country. We never demanded to chair parliament or presidency seat. But we only want our constitutional rights and a peaceful and equal living along with other citizens. If somebody is unhappy that we demand our rights, so he should be. This is the demand of all nations around the globe and people took to streets in the Middle East for achieving this goal recently. They wanted equal rights for all including minorities, it gives honor to an entire nation,’ Maulana Abdol-Hameed Ismaeelzahi pointed.

Khateeb of Ahl-us-Sunnah expressed his hope that the related officials would impede despiteful and biased elements from vilifying the Grand Makki mosque to fend people from it, because it would make distance between Sunnis and the regime.

Halting some candidates from going to mosques means imposition of defeat

Pointing out towards efforts of some official elements to stop Sunni candidates from moving to their mosques during propaganda for Majlis (parliamentary) elections, he said, ‘I explained my stance about the upcoming elections last Friday; I told that I would not support any candidate inside or outside of the province in this election. People are free to cast ballot or not. Still I am on the same stance. But it is very regrettable that some security officials summoned some candidates threatening them that if they go to the Grand Makki mosque their eligibility would be cancelled!’

He went on saying that he had criticized the Guardian Council over rejection of candidates’ competence previously. But those who have been escaped from their filter points should be free to talk with all people and express their plans and agendas for people. This is their basic and legal right. In many states, candidates can criticize as well.

Shaikh Ismaeelzahi emphasized that threatening Sunni candidates and making the Grand Makki mosque a ‘forbidden tree’ for them is an effort to make the new parliament devoid of Sunni representatives. The establishers of elections should impede such elements from interference in the affairs of candidates.

The rector of Darululoom Zahedan stated that some candidates promise people during their campaigns to provide them water and electricity, while it is the duty of government to equip people with these needs. Representatives of people should make laws and supervise the enforcement of the constitution. Lawmakers should prevent violation of law by any official men.

Shaikh Abdol-Hameed concluded his points by saying, ‘In previous terms of elections, we used to ask people to choose a Sunni and another Shia candidate for representation. But the results after midnight were surprising us, as Shia candidates could not succeed. But in upcoming term people are free what to do and I am not going to support any one.’  


Published on : 18 March, 2012

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