IRAN, ZAHEDAN- Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdolhameed, Imam and Khateeb of Ahl-us-Sunnah in Zahedan reprehended severely a state-held offensive meeting in Khash city in the weekly meeting of teachers at Darululoom Zahedan on Sunday, January 29, 2012.

The meeting, entitled “Insight and Lucidity” was held by the governor of Khash where Khash’s scholars and tribal elders were invited; a security official offended Shaikh Abdolhameed and top Sunni religious centers followed by protest of participators and failed to complete its work.

Shaikh Abdolhameed went on to clarify some issues refuting the false allegations saying, ‘It is regrettable that some elements infiltrated in official departments who have personal quarrels, they are unaware of the critical circumstances of the country and some states of the Middle East. They want to incite sectarian and ethnic brawls in the region and have been stating words which are contrary to the interests of country and people.’

Indicating to some false reports of such elements, he said that they were experts in aggrandizing small things and sending untrue reports to central officials and the Special Court for Scholars; eventually, Sunni scholars have been summoning to the court and both of them bear difficulty and discomfort.

‘In fact, they have no allegations, they just want to constrain Ahl-us-Sunnah and stint them more,’ Shaikh Ismaeelzahi underlined.

Pointing out towards his visits to some officials which followed by some false accusations, Shaikh gave the example of one recent event saying, ‘Some weeks ago, Mr. Ahmadinejad visited Zahedan where he invited some elite persons, I was invited as well. After the meeting, I saw Mr. Rahim Mashai, the head of Ahmadinejad’s office, while coming back. I asked him to arrange a separate meeting with the president. He did not do so and we criticized outright next Friday. Some elements criticized us over that meeting and Mr. Mashai is an official man appointed by the government, he is one of them not a Sunni citizen.’

Shaikh Abdolhameed indicated to some senseless accuses of bigoted elements and said that they blame Sunnis why did they cast their votes for the candidates, who are disfavored by these sides; while they were approved by the Elite Council and Supreme Leader, even, when one of them was rejected by the Elite Council the Supreme Leader maintained his candidacy. If somebody feels discomfort, so the Supreme Leader and upper rulers should be questioned, what is the sin of people?

He pointed that it is amazing Sunnis are always objected. The ruling sides have internal disputes and Ahl-us-Sunnah bear the result, they do not find a wing more vulnerable than Sunnis; they must not involve Sunni community in their disputable affairs.

Shaikh concluded his points saying that there are conspiracies against Sunnis’ seminaries and religious scholars; it requires more vigilance and foresight of Ulema and heads of seminaries.

Talking to the participators, teachers of Darululoom castigated the insult of Shaikh-ul-Islam commending respectable scholars and tribal elders of Khash for protesting the incident and appreciated their lucid stance on the matter.


Published on : 31 January, 2012

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