Khateeb of the Sunni community in Zahedan, Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdul Hameed Ismaeelzahi called the ruling elements in Iran to hold a nation-wide dialogue for overcoming the internal and external crises in his Friday speech on 16th December, 2011.

Indicating to the upcoming Parliamentary Elections in Iran, he pointed that some states in the Middle East such as Syria, Yemen and other countries have been reeling from social and political crises. The Euro zone suffers from economic problems. Iran has some internal and external sever problems as well. Poverty, corruption, unemployment and inflation have affected millions in Iran.

The prominent Sunni scholar further said, ‘Due to unprecedented poverty and high prices, corruption and bribery have destroyed the economy of Iran. Political disputes divided the power-enjoying wings. On the other hand, imposing sanctions by the international community and some particular states is another headache for both the government and common citizens.’

Shaikh added more saying that threats to target nuclear sites of Iran is a problem for all. People are worried overt it. So, like other individuals we have ideas to get rid of these crises. ‘We do not believe in defaming particular individuals and sides. We never blamed on any one without evidence. Calumniating is not our method; but some elements vilify us and insult Sunnis lucidly, it is contrary to the valuable Islamic teachings,’ he urged.

The rector of the biggest Sunni seminary in Iran went on saying that the rulers can not overcome the crises until they listen to their critics, how much they can be small in number. The only remedy is national unity; unity can not be achieved without open dialogue and negotiations with all juntas and groups. Ignoring any community may affect our unity and peace.

Shaikh Abdul Hameed emphasized that whatever he says is based on compassion for all. The Iranian nation is a civilized nation with a brilliant history. They want to enjoy a durable peace and comfortable life.

He criticized the weak role of ongoing parliament and said that people want responsible and sincere representatives who can insure their legal rights and become their voice. The rulers must give opportunity to figures of all groups and backgrounds to take part in the elections. They should not be afraid of their rejection by the Supreme Council.

Mawlana Abdul Hameed pointed that for overcoming the problems we need a powerful parliament with the representatives from all wings. The competition must not be among any specific party or wing. A free and safe national election can help the


Published on : 13 January, 2012

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