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Ml. Ab. Hamid Concerned on Educational Situation in IR Balochistan

The most influential Iranian Sunni leader expressed his deep concerns about educational downfall in Iranian Balochistan and decadence in public schools of Zahedan outskirt and some other regions of Balochistan.

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Establish a Consultative Council from Elites of All Communities to Review Ongoing Policies

Alluding to the unstable situation of the country and challenges faced by different classes of the society, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid put establishment of a consultative council from the entrusted elites of different communities for revising the current policies and strategies.


Du’a, a Worship That Can Change a Society

Shaikh Ab. Hamid alluded to the channels of connecting to Allah in his sermon of 9th March, 2018 and termed “Du’a” one of the most influential worships that can bring big changes in a society.

  • Islam Urged on Spouses to Realize Mutual Rights

    Shaikh Abdol-Hamid, in his latest Friday sermon of 2nd March, 2018, expressed the characters of a righteous woman and reminded spouses their bilateral rights.

  • Ml. Abdol-Hamid Decries Massacre of Civilians in E. Ghouta

    The most influential Iranian Sunni scholar criticized strongly the world powers on their “failure” to stop Syrians’ massacre, calling on all people to pray for safety of the oppressed Syrians.

  • Misdeeds Have Bad Effects on Body & Sprit

    Khateeb of Sunnis pointed out to the bad effects of sins and misdeeds on human body and soul in his Friday sermon of 16th Feb. 2018 and urged on boosting spiritual aspect by acting upon the Shari’ah commands. Shaikh Abdol-Hamid…

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