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  • Families of Zahedan’s Bloody Friday Met with Shaikh Ab. Hamid

    In a meeting with the families of Zahedan’s bloody Friday martyrs, the most influential Iranian Sunni leader considered discrimination as one of the main causes of such crimes. Shaikh Abdol-Hamid emphasized on legal trial and punishment of the murderers and…

  • Shaikh Ab. Hamid Meets with Female Students of Zahedan Universities

     The most influential Iranian Sunni leader has met with female students of different universities of Zahedan at the Ayishah female seminary affiliated to Darululoom Zahedan.  Shaikh Abdol-Hamid emphasized on women rights and criticized the Iranian authorities for not observing these…

  • Shaikh Abdol-Hamid Condemns Killing Masses in Bloody Friday of Khash

    A number of teenagers and young people gathered in front of the building of governor of Khash city. They chanted slogans, started throwing stones, and were directly targeted by war bullets. Is the answer to slogans and stone, the war of bullets?

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Security Forces Killed Dozens of Worshipers in Zahedan

‘Some officials want to blame other people by changing the scene, while there are clear and obvious evidences that the military forces commit such an injustice.’

  • Religious Freedom & Fair Distributions of Jobs, Two Important Demands of Iranian Sunnis

    The Sunnis of Iran have expectations and demands from the president Raisi that must be met. Sunni citizens must be engaged in all official positions as Shiites, in the provincial capitals and in the capital of the country.

  • Use High Capacities of Islam, Ensure Women’s Due Rights

    Managing the affairs of a country and leading a nation is different from managing a family, a seminary, or a university. Our dears in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan should consider the capability of the people in running the state affairs.

  • Remove Pressures Put on Sunnis

    Criticizing the state pressures on the Iranian Sunni community, the most influential Iranian Sunni leader urged on removing such pressures. He was talking to Ensaf News website in a video interview published on Feb. 27, 2022. Here are the main…


Policies of Last 43 Years Reached a Dead End

Shaikh Abdol-Hamid called on the Iranian high-ranking officials to bring fundamental changes in country’s policies and listen to the critics. He said: “No one is above the law. Everyone must be accountable to the law and all must accept criticisms…

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