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Ml. Abdol-Hamid Lands in Tatarstan

The most prominent Iranian Sunni leader has left Tehran to Kazan of the Republic of Tatarstan today 12th Sep. 2019 where he was welcomed by the chairman of the Islamic Researches of Kazan.

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Iran Needs a U-Turn in Domestic, Foreign Policies

SunniOnline: the critical situation of Iran and various kinds of crises which have affected both the country and nation are obvious for everyone. Unjust sanctions and recently military threats of the US have intensified these problems and anxieties. The ongoing…

  • Islam Teaches Justice, Rationality & Interaction

    The most influential Iranian Sunni leader alluded to the great potentials of Islam about peaceful co-existence in the first international conference held by Tehran University titled “Strategic Potentials of Islamic Teachings in Materialization of Peaceful Co-existence” on Wednesday 27th June,…

  • Iranian Sunnis oppose violence, sectarianism & insecurity

    The most influential Sunni leader in Iran demanded equal rights and opportunities for Iranian Sunnis in employments, distribution of posts and religious freedom in the 28th graduation ceremony of Darululoom Zahedan on Thursday 4th April, 2019.

  • “Narrow-mindness” Should be Removed from Country

    The eminent Iranian Sunni scholar traveled to different counties of southern Balochistan, Iran last week where he attended mainly graduation ceremonies of Islamic schools and madrassahs.


Hussein bin Ali’s Uprising wasn’t for Power

Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol-Hamid urged in a part of his speech of 6th Sep. 2019 that Sayyidana Hussein bin Ali’s uprising was not for obtaining power and worldly interests, rather his uprising was for “implementation of justice” and “protection of Islam”.

  • Gov. Should Complete Unfinished Projects

    Pointing out to the unfinished developmental projects of the government in Sistan-Balochistan, Mawlana Abdol-Hamid urged on completion of these projects as soon as possible.

  • Misdeeds Create Challenges for Personal & Social Life

    Khateeb of Sunnis counted misdeeds and sins the reason behind all problems, defeats and anxieties of Muslims. He urged on repentance and bringing changes in life.

  • Veracity, a Common Point among all Divine Religions

    Shaikh Abdol-Hamid pointed out to the importance of “veracity and truthfulness” in his sermon of Friday 16th August 2019 and termed this moral virtue “common point of all divine religions”. Talking to tens of thousands of Sunni worshipers in Zahedan city,…

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