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Mawlana Abdol Hamid’s congratulatory Message to Dr. Masoud Pezeshkian

Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol Hamid congratulated Dr. Masoud Pezeshkian on his victory in the 14th round of the presidential election in a message to him and the noble people of Iran.


The People’s Support Empowers Any Government

In his Friday sermon on July 12, 2024, Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol Hamid offered recommendations to Masoud Pezeshkian, the President-elect. He advised prioritizing “justice,” “freedom,” and “the economy” in his programs and appointing “competent individuals” to positions of authority.

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The prohibition on Women and Sunni Muslims Registering for Presidency Contradicts Islamic Sharia and International Law

Shaikh ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol Hamid stated today (June 14, 2024) during the Friday prayers of the Sunni community in Zahedan: “The prohibition on registration and candidacy for the position of President of the Republic…

  • Shaikh Abdol-Hamid’s Office Reacts to a False Claim of Fars News Agency

    The office of the Friday Imam of Zahedan denied the false report of Fars News Agency, which claimed that the National Security Agency of the US had sent communication equipment including Starlink to this office. The office considered such propaganda…

  • Well-wishing, Inherent Duty of Ulama

    In a meeting with scholars of Khash, Taftan, and Mirjaveh, nearby counties of Zahedan, (Sarhad region of Iranian Balochistan), the most influential Iranian Sunni leader referred to the current critical situation in Iran, insisting that scholars must work to create…

  • In Iran, Women Have been the Most Discriminated Community

    The most influential Iranian Sunni leader inspired Muslims to keep their faith safe after the holy month of Ramadan and not to exceed the truth even as the size of a hair. Shaikh Abdol-Hamid was talking to tens of thousands…

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