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Abrogation of Kashmir’s Autonomy by India, Result of Muslims’ Disputes

The most outstanding Iranian Sunni leader denounced revocation of Kashmir’s special status by Indian government and termed it the bad fruit of Muslims’ disputes and differences with each other.

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Iran Needs a U-Turn in Domestic, Foreign Policies

SunniOnline: the critical situation of Iran and various kinds of crises which have affected both the country and nation are obvious for everyone. Unjust sanctions and recently military threats of the US have intensified these problems and anxieties. The ongoing…

  • Islam Teaches Justice, Rationality & Interaction

    The most influential Iranian Sunni leader alluded to the great potentials of Islam about peaceful co-existence in the first international conference held by Tehran University titled “Strategic Potentials of Islamic Teachings in Materialization of Peaceful Co-existence” on Wednesday 27th June,…

  • Iranian Sunnis oppose violence, sectarianism & insecurity

    The most influential Sunni leader in Iran demanded equal rights and opportunities for Iranian Sunnis in employments, distribution of posts and religious freedom in the 28th graduation ceremony of Darululoom Zahedan on Thursday 4th April, 2019.

  • “Narrow-mindness” Should be Removed from Country

    The eminent Iranian Sunni scholar traveled to different counties of southern Balochistan, Iran last week where he attended mainly graduation ceremonies of Islamic schools and madrassahs.


Revocation of Kashmir’s Autonomy, a Hurried & Fully Wrong Decision

Once again the most outstanding Iranian Sunni leader reacted to the abrogation of the special status of Jammu & Kashmir by the Hindu-nationalist government of India. He called on the Indian nation and the international community to put on India…

  • Sacrifice, Biggest Worship of Eid al-Adha

    Khateeb of Sunnis advised Muslims to take advantage of the remaining days of the first 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah and he termed “slaughtering an animal” on Eid day the biggest worship of Eid al-Adha.

  • Repentance & Du’a, Treatment of Personal & Social Problems

    Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol-Hamid expressed his regret on “weaknesses in seeking forgiveness from Allah”. He called on the audience of the Friday prayers in Zahedan on July 26, 2019 to repent and make Du’a for their personal and social problems.

  • Taqwa, Best Provision of Pilgrims

    Khateeb of Sunnis recommended pilgrims to focus on Hajj rituals and benefit as much as they can from the golden opportunity of Hajj. He termed “taqwa” and piety the best provision for the pilgrims.

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