The prominent Iranian Sunni leader, Shaikh Abdol-Hameed Isma’eelzahi, considered the last Friday (June 14) a special day in the history of Iran as millions of the citizens took part in the poll to elect their president and local councilors.

Talking to tens of thousands worshipers in the main gathering of Sunni Muslims in Zahedan, southeast Iran, in June 21, 2013, Khateeb of Ahl-us-Sunnah stated the huge presence of people at poll stations was surprising and unexpected for most of the observers. This tendency of masses was very meaningful; it had some messages for the rulers. People want positive changes in the fields of economy and politics; they want removal of internal and foreign crises of the country.  

The Iranian citizens elected a person whom they thought the ‘better’ in resolving problems and managing the country fairly. Another issue that is more important; this election was conducted justly. A part from few complaints, there was not any big complaint on the process of the latest election. The world applauded the Iranian nation on this successful election. We should thank the Election Commission and all pertinent authorities over their impartiality and well-organizing the election in the country, he added more.

The rector of Darululoom Zahedan evaluated the participation of people on the election day ‘strong and fervent’, saying, “The people have not elected Mr. Hassan Rohani for his religious gesture, aba and turban; although these are respectable things, but the election of Rohani was due to his opinions and ideas.”

The Iranian nation does not need any guarantor; people are enough mature and vigilant in their political affairs. The vote of people to Rohani was a vote in favor of his plans, ideas and slogans about the domestic and international crises of Iran. Mr. Rohani bears a very sensitive and heavy responsibility over the demands and muted voices. Not only the people of Iran watch the new president, but also the entire world would zoom in the Iranian president-elect to see how he would fulfill his promises. We pray for him that he may fulfill his promises regarding the rights and demands of religious minorities, ethnical communities and other classes of the society.

“The key of success for Mr. Rohani is the full and fair implementation of the national Constitution making sure liberties of all as the Constitution affirms. If the people get their rights and constitutional liberties like freedom of speech, freedom to form political parties, associations and freedom of press, the pleasure of them would be gained.”

The member of the International Union for Muslim Scholars alluded to the demands of the Iranian Sunni community from the president-elect, saying the Iranian Sunnis, as a considerable part of the Iranian society, want justice and just distribution of power; they should be part of Mr. Rohani’s government. Sunnis want to take part in the fate of their country on the national and provincial levels.   

Shaikh-ul-Islam further said, “None of the Iranian citizens can claim to be superior; the superiority of people is on the basis of piety. The president-elect must remove the phenomenon of ‘citizen No.1, 2 or 3’ utilizing the skills of capable citizens from all classes of the society including ethnical sides.”

The Iranian voters think Mr. Rohani is a capable and strong man; he will not leave any stone unturned to fulfill his promises. The country has been facing many challenges which should be resolved by tact and good rede, he underlined.

Pointing out to the crisis of Syria, the leading Sunni scholar and member of the IUMS stated, “The issue of Syria is a crisis for us too; we ask Mr. Rohani to take serious steps in resolving the crises of Syria and nuclear program of Iran discreetly with an open mind. The new cabinet must play its role to bring back the lost value of the national currency. Uprooting the economical crises needs planning and durable solutions.”

At the end of his speech, Mawlana Abdol-Hameed appreciated the people of Zahedan over electing an alliance of different sects for councillorship [supported by most of the Sunni and Baloch elders in Zahedan] and a high turnout in favor of the new president.


Published on : 22 June, 2013

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